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staking : validation : governance


Network Governance means taking an active role in initiating, developing and voting on network principles, policy and parameters – such as network economics, tokenomics, network inflation rates etc.


We take our role seriously, and seek to guide the Fuse Network to be the most open and accessible ‘go to’ solution for mobile payments, offering businesses and communities a fantastic framework to develop their products in.

We are active in AMA’s, Telegram, Discord and Forum posts on all types of network discussions, and ensure we vote in every ballot. 

As long standing validators, we are frequently in conversation with members of the Fuse team about all these issues, and have a good and open working relationship with them.


Many other blockchains and applications are ideologically driven to be 100% de-centralised. Whilst having de-centralised features offers many benefits, it should not be put before the need to create a stable, reliable and accountable network.

We believe there needs to be a balance between de-centralisation and accountability.

The frameworks to financial systems in particular need to be trustworthy and reliable, and we shall work to ensure Fuse stays that way.

At a time when other businesses are increasingly restricting financial freedom through arbitrary ‘terms of service’ or ‘acceptable behaviour’ policies, we seek to ensure that no one within the law is excluded from the financial payment solutions on the Fuse Network.

We will always vote to keep the Fuse Network ideologically agnostic and open to all within the law.