Supercharge your Fuse

staking : validation : governance


Validation is the backbone of the Fuse Network.

Nodes need to reliable, stable and ‘always on’. They run bespoke software that validate transactions, contracts and bridge transfers, and mine the blocks in the Fuse chain.

To enable this, the Fuseprime node runs on the best available enterprise level networking and hardware. We only run proven stable software.


We use bare metal servers and cloud services from global infrastructure suppliers. 

We over specify hardware to ensure there are no delays in mining processes, and no blocks missed. We also ensure hardware is capable of significantly higher transaction throughputs than current or predicted future network rates.


The software we run is chosen for its reliability and stability, carefully maintained and upgraded when appropriate.


In addition to passive reliability measures, we actively monitor node performance, uptime and block mining. We pro-actively run optimisation processes to ensure the best uptime and availability.